Who Wants To Go To Antarctica?

It’s probably crazy, but one of my dreams is to travel to Antarctica.

For the longest time I have been fascinated with this continent of ice.

Which, for anyone who knows me is probably surprising given how much I hate being cold.

But Antarctica! A land of dramatic landscapes and abundant wildlife. A place that is hardly habitable to humans but such an important part of our world. There is no culture or human touch in Antartica (well, not much anyway). It’s almost a barren, isolated, infinite expanse of cold, white land and ice. But to me it seems pristine, pure and wild.

who wants to go to antarctica

Why I Want To Travel To Antarctica

1. Midnight Sunset

Yep, you can watch the sunset, at midnight. How mind-blowing is that? Of course, I understand the physics of how the earth is tilted and the much shorter nights Antarctica gets in the summer (for the Southern Hemisphere).

2. Solitude

As someone who loves to discover and learn about new cultures when I travel, I love the idea of the complete peace and almost loneliness of travelling to Antarctica.



Need I say more?! I want to see wild penguins in their happiest of habitats.

4. Wildlife

Whales, albatross, seals, and more penguins! I would love to see them all.

5. The Challenge

Ultimately, travelling to the seventh continent would the challenge of a lifetime. The journey there, if going by boat, can be rather rough (the Drake Passage is thought to be one of the roughest areas of water in the world). And once there you are dealing with dry, cold climate. The trekking can be hard work. And I’m pretty sure the mental impact of going somewhere so different must be pretty immense.

How Does One Get To Antarctica?

I’ve been doing some research, and it isn’t a cheap expedition. You certainly need to save some pennies. But rightly so, I’d say. Ideally you want to fly to the southern parts of Chile or Argentina (LAN airlines have some options). From there you can join a cruise, expedition or even fly over to Antarctica. Some trip organisers include Intrepid, Abercrombie & Kent, Noble Caledonia or Kuoni.



disclosure: this is a collaborative post, as always words and thoughts are my own.

  1. Unfortunately i never got the chance to go but the company I work for designed the current/new research centre down there and a couple of people have been down. The greatest risk is not getting on a boat before its too late! there are only a few months each year where travel is possible and if you miss the last boat you’re stuck there! I wish I’d started work at a time when I could have gone as it looks amazing.

  2. I would love to visit Antartica, I looked and the tickets are so expensive (£4,000 for 1 person). The penguins are so cute, the British Post Office is a place where I would want to go.

  3. A friend of mine from my orchestra went there a few years ago. He loves penguins too. He’s an amazing photographer so when he was there, he took many beautiful photos. When he came back, he put on a photographic exhibition and showed big versions of his photos which you could order in sizes of your choice-he then used the proceeds to help fund his visit. Clever eh? You take nice photos so maybe you could do something similar?x

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