Why I Have Started Weekly Vlogging

As I write this I sit at my desk surrounded by some of my favourite things. I have my new radio playing my favourite radio station, 6Music. My scented candle is burning and in front of it sits my shell filled with crystals and stones found on walks on the beach. I have a pile of books on which my favourite painting sits. My hand cream hovers about the desk as I furiously smother my poor dry winter-ravaged hands with thick white cream every hour or so.

Today I have woken up with an element of clarity. Clarity that I hope will continue as I work through this most recent bout of poor mental health. Clarity really is key.

Tis also a full moon today. Whether that makes a different I don’t know. But I do feel a certain energy today.

With that energy and clarity comes the desire to write and share with you. I yearn to write more. To share my ideas. To impart any insight and wisdom I pick up as I meander through life. To blog is to share, in my opinion.

Today in particular I want to reflect back on the past 6 weeks of weekly vlogging and what I have learned so far.


Over on my lesser-known, lesser-followed, ‘second’ channel on YouTube (click here to subscribe) I have been posting a weekly vlog since mid-October. Born out of a hope to record the more mundane as well interesting moments of my life. It was a hope that it would help me get back into regular video editing, a skill I am still so very new to, but one that I am revelling in learning.

It has also been an opportunity to articulate and think through my life and experiences as I go through this season of my life.

And most importantly, it serves as a diary entry. A vlog adds to a record of my life, preserving memories and acting as a prompt for nostalgia in times to come.

As I work on this shift in content on my blog and YouTube channel, something that is taking time as I try new ways of creating, I wanted to still find a way to connect with you, my audience.

The best thing about blogging over the past 8 years has been the connections I have made. I have met some incredible (and not so credible, ha!) people. That opportunity to connect in a world where we are seemingly disconnected through disparate communities, lives glued to screens, and total mental exhaustion.

I want to share little snippets of my life, pretty much like I did back in the old days. Instead of daily blog posts with my inane ramblings, I am waffling away on video. I’ve just shifted where the conversation happens. This way, however, I feel there is more context to video. You hear my voice, you can experience my silly (and dry) sense of humour. You get the fuller experience of where I am at.

Finally, one hopes I can entertain with the videos I create. As a media graduate I have the BBC mission ingrained in my mind, all content must serve to inform, educate or entertain. I highly doubt a video about daily life is informative or educational, so I have to hope it entertains. I have no idea if I’m nailing that bit yet, but maybe that’s the bit to practice!


In sum, why I have started weekly vlogging:

– To improve my video editing skills
– To hold myself accountable to producing regular video content on a weekly basis
– To connect with my audience in a more personal way
– To articulate my experiences
– To record and preserve memories
– To entertain others

I have managed 6 weeks in a row, one of which is over on my travel channel as I was over in Spain that week. I am super proud that I have managed to keep going that long. I wonder how long I can sustain it. It’s almost a challenge to myself now to see how long I can maintain this consistency.

I can say, I am enjoying it immensely.

So, for now, I am going to keep weekly vlogging … I will post each week’s vlog the following Tuesday at 6pm.

If you fancy a nosey you can subscribe here.

And here are the 6 weekly vlogs I have produced so far …

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6


Do you watch any daily/weekly vloggers on YouTube? Who are your favourites?


  1. I love watching vlogs and i’m thinking of starting weekend vlogs. I do them periodically but often they don’t make it off the memory card. I’ve really got out of the YT habit ATM as Vlogmas broke me. Everyone (or it felt like everyone) i follow was doing it and i felt a bit overwhelmed. I’ve decided to skip all those videos and get back to regular content watching but it gets to 1am and i’ve not watched anything. I’ve subbed to your 2nd channel, think i’ve already got your main one. Mine is seeing spots x

  2. The connections and friendships I’ve made through blogging are so important to me and is the main reason I continue to blog. I’ll be having a whole table of blogging pals at my wedding this year. I always find the ‘mundane’ and ordinary moments real interesting and I connect more to these videos than a review or haul type vlog.

  3. I’ve only recently got into watching vlogs so mine are mostly the ones most know about that I love like Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter, Marcus Butler, Thatcher Joe and Pointless Blog. Keep it up – you only learn by doing! I don’t have the guts to speak infront of a camera. I would hate the editing bit too much x

  4. Is is a nice idea to have regular updates on someone’s vblog. Sometimes it is so much easier to watch a video than read. Imagine it can be quite daunting at times, but you seem to have the confidence; so keep up the good work.

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