Winter Wedding Gold Sequin Dress

winter wedding outfit idea

It’s not that I have weddings on the brain but… ok, I have wedding on the brain. Several times a day my brain is drifting off to wedding thoughts. It’s pretty all-encompassing some times.

Ever since we got engaged I have felt this enormous pressure to figure out and just know what it is I want for my own wedding this year. Being a bit of a girly girl I had always dreamt of getting married and have even kept the obligatory secret wedding board on my Pinterest.

But when it has actually come to the real deal there’s a whole manner of other things to think about beyond dresses, shoes and pretty table decorations. There’s budgets, guest lists, venues that will fit the whole guest list, availability for this year (because apparently we’re leaving it rather last minute), catering, our own choice of caterers, logisitics … and so it goes on.

Wowzers, it’s way more intense than we thought it would be.

And let’s not get started on how expensive anything is with the word ‘wedding’ added in front of it.

Winter Wedding Outfithair fluff

Anyhow when this dress arrived in the post it struck me how perfect this would be to wear to a winter wedding. Not mine, of course, I’m having a summer or autumn shindig. But if I was invited to a winter wedding this would bring the perfect amount of pizzazz to the short, cold, low light days.

Plus, anything with sequins makes the world a better place.

what to wear to a winter weddingthrowing the shrugGold sequin dressValentino heels dupes

Don’t you think this kind of dress would look fabulous on a Mother of the Bride? I like to think my Mum will wear something that picks her out as the M.O.B. but still keeping with the elegant style she prefers. Gold is such a flattering colour and anything with sequins or sparkles add that extra oomph to an outfit.

Of course, you need to pair it with something to keep you warm in this weather. I’d pick something such as white fluffy boxy jacket or this black fluffy shrug.

Pop on a pair of super thick opaque tickets and your Valentino dupes (whoop!) and you’ve got a pretty classy winter wedding outfit.

Gold sequin dress winter fashion

For me, this outfit is our date night outfit for the fanciest restaurant we can afford. And when that is done, I will probably make like my previous sequin outfit and pop a big baggy jumper over the top for the perfect toned-down look.

Outfit details:



  1. I thought “hmmm I don’t do sequins but I’ll have a look at this post anyway”… and wow – I love that dress! It’s a great shape and while SUPER sparkly, is actually not too overstated, you wouldn’t show up the bride. I’m actually thinking I could rock something like that. What’s going on?!
    Oh and as for what you should wear for yours… there is so much pressure and I definitely felt that (even before pinterest and facebook!). I bought something off the peg for £50.

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for your group email you sent out about crappy Januarys. I’m just feeling overwhelmed by having to move after one months’s notice from my landlord and having to make SO many decisions when I am very a very anxious person who stresses over every decision and I’d just had a major melt down and cry so thank you for that- it felt like you knew even though it was just a coincidence. I hope whatever made your January crappy is sorted and better.xx

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