WIWT Burrito Party / 20,000 Outfits

On Monday evening I took a quick hop, skip and a jump down to London (it is much nearer now I live in Northampton) to attend the WIWT Burrito Party. As you may know I am a big fan of WIWT, a daily outfit social network founded by the ever-inspirational Poppy Dinsey. She’s rad by the way. And to celebrate reaching 20,000 outfits being posted on the site (and Poppy’s birthday) she decided to throw together a little party at her favourite Burrito bar.

A few weeks ago I was staring aimlessly at my inbox wondering why I don’t get more fun stuff happening there when an email appeared from Poppy that basically said “you are rad and I want to ply you with free Burritos and booze”. I only got halfway through the email before immediately signing up for my ‘Golden Ticket’. Free food you say? (I have no shame).

hairoutfit for chilango wiwt(Outfit: Jumper: Vintage, Maxi Dress: Dorothy Perkins 2 years ago, Boots: New Look, Ring: Accessorize)

So on Monday I primped and preened and missed my train to London. Damnit. I used the wide-eyed lost child tactic and the ticket inspector let me on the next one. And off to Euston I went to meet the lovely Emily Jayne. Boasting that I was a seasoned pro at navigating the London Underground network having lived there most of my life, I promptly got us lost. Well, not really. We were just talking so much we missed our stop.

We arrived at Chilango’s to a wonderfully warm welcome from the gorgeous Poppy, who is even more pretty in real life (who’d have thunk it possible?!). I immediately jumped on the free booze kindly provided by Rekorderlig and Courvosier.

wiwt burrito partychilangojay elizabeth emily jayne
(Amazing black and white photos by one of my new best WIWT friends – Jay McLaughlin)

There was a fantastic buzzy turn out of beautiful people stuffing their faces with giant burritos. I understand the burritos were pretty yummy. I wouldn’t know. I chose to have a gigantic portion of chips and guacamole, and it was AMAZING! Thank you Chilango!

chips and guacamolewiwt party

All in all, a great night and I made some great new friends. Thank you Poppy, thank you WIWT and I look forward to the next one!

P.S. Of course, it would have been helpful to take some decent outfit photos for a WIWT event, but I spent way so long on getting ready that I ran out of time and forgot to take a camera. Doh!

EDIT: Oh and forgot to mention the lovely goody bag I received too. The tote bag is perfect, I’m totally taking that on my next trip to Aldi 😉 and there is chocolate and pants and burts bees and compeed (my fave) and a personal handwritten thank you card from Poppy. How awesomely lovely is that?

wiwt goody bag