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Once I was a parent, I noticed that the word, ‘no’ had slowly become a staple of my vocabulary. I always used to be very much a ‘yes’ person, but somehow it had slowly crept in more and more – ranging from the practical, “no, you cannot eat chocolate biscuits for breakfast,” to the safety conscious, “no, you must never slide down the banisters face first,” to the completely ridiculous, “no, you cannot wear your pants outside of your trousers.” On the morning that I counted ten ‘no’s’ before breakfast, I decided that it was all getting a bit much – which is how the Summer of Yes was born.

I’m a big believer in children being children; climbing trees, making dens, investigating nature and reading books – you only get one shot at being young and carefree, so every day should be as fun as possible.  As parents, it’s up to the Husband and I to make that happen, which led us to agreeing to simply say, ‘yes’ to as many requests as we possibly could – we don’t have a lot of money, so admittedly there was a little gentle persuasion involved; notably, the time we were asked for a motorised 4X4.


Our Summer of Yes began life originally to honour our eldest child’s last long break before he started ‘big school’ the following September; for a reason I can’t explain, I felt the urge to cram in as much as we possibly could. We spent time exploring woods and beaches, lazing on blankets bathed in the suns rays, sowing seeds, picking fruit, running wildly like savages with bare feet. We fed animals leftover veg from the fridge, and we fed ourselves on farm fresh produce, we feasted on pastries, pizzas and ice cream, and we spent a lot of time in our favourite cafe.


Being a ‘yes’ person made me feel more positive, more free. Although it started in an exercise to entertain the kiddos, it ended up teaching me something about myself – on the whole, I’m a far happier person when I’m saying ‘yes’ to things. But they’re still not getting a motorised 4X4.


Vicky is a copywriter, blogger, craft addict and mother-of-two. She spends her time juggling nappy duties, school runs and writing jobs, while squeezing in as much crochet as humanly possible. On rare child-free days, she enjoys rummaging in charity shops and exploring old buildings.


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