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One of the things that people usually notice about me is that I’m generally pretty colourful. Bright frocks, colourful shoes, and a big fan of a ‘pow’ coloured lipstick.I’m the girl who never wears black. Well, apart from funerals, and the occasional Halloween costume. It’s strange, but I now find wearing black thoroughly depressing – it just can’t make me smile the way a pink dress or yellow pair of shoes can. I’ve even had pink, blue and purple hair (once all at the same time!) Colour has become a massive part of who I am, but it wasn’t always this way. It took a yes moment, and I didn’t know it at the time but it would become one of the most important yes moments of my life.

colour collage emily jayne

Skip back a few years, and I was in my early twenties. I’d graduated from uni, got myself a fancy office job, and kitted myself out for it (much like now, what I was going to wear for an occasion or task was pretty much as important as the task itself. I loved clothes, and as my job was pretty hectic and didn’t leave an enormous amount of time for a personal life I spent pretty much all of my money on them, leading to a pretty impressive wardrobe and shoe collection. It was, almost entirely, black. Oh, ok, I did pair it with the odd pop of hot pink or turquoise or red, and in the summer I’d add in a bit of white, but that was pretty much it. Days in meetings were spent in my black suit, with black shoes and my ‘grown up’ black Radley bag that I’d treated myself to when I found out I got the job. My casual wardrobe ? Generally jeans and a black top. Going out? LBD, of course!

Then, as a reward for hitting a target at work, I was sent for a day with a personal stylist with a few of the other girls from the office. We were booked in for a ‘Colours Analysis’ session, which I vaguely remembered my mum’s friend doing back in the 80s. I knew it had something to do with being ‘a season’, and was mostly just excited to be having a girly day out of the office – after all, my wardrobe looked great on me, right? I mean, I spent enough of my wages on it!

Long story short, the stylist showed me my best and worst colours, and what was the worst? You guessed it, black. Other colours that didn’t work for me? Hot pink and white. Red and turquoise? OK as long as I picked the right shades.

Now, I remember sitting in that chair, looking at myself in the mirror as sheet after sheet of coloured fabric was laid under my chin, and a sense of dread creeping in. This woman was telling me that my whole wardrobe was wrong. More importantly, she was showing it to me. I could see that black really did nothing for me,

I got into my car, drove home and had a little weep! I had a decision to make. Did I stop taking what was meant to be a light hearted ‘treat’ day so seriously, carry on wearing the clothes I had and maybe buy a coral top to wear with my black jeans? It was very tempting. But something made me say yes. Something had clicked for me, and I somehow knew I couldn’t go back. Monday morning I went to work in a cream skirt and bright green top, and I never looked back.

Now, that may all sound fairly dramatic, considering I’m only, at the end of the day, talking about clothes. But that yes moment had a bit of a domino effect on my whole life. Colour sort of seeped into my brain, I wanted to know more about how it worked, so I went and did a training course on it. Not long after, I’d quit my office job, and retrained as a personal stylist,

– I wanted to help other women to have their own ‘yes to colour’ moments.


Off the back of my styling business, I set up a blog, which other people saw and they asked me to help them with theirs. Now I’m completely freelance, doing a job that I absolutely love.

Yes, I still have bad days, but those are the ones when the yellow shoes come out, and who could help but smile when they’re wearing yellow shoes?


Emily Jayne is a freelance blogger and personal stylist, living in Birmingham’s Jewellery quarter with her boyfriend and too many shoes (yeah right, like there’s such a thing as too many shoes!). You can find her musings on shopping, rants on why fashion should be for every woman, and style and makeup tips over at, listen to her witterings over on twitter or facebook  or see her pictures of pretty things (and a reasonable amount of pictures of her dinner) over on Instagram.

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  1. What an inspirational story! I too was guilty of wearing too much black, and at the moment, most of my clothes are blue! I am clueless when it comes to colour so this is a great post that’s reminded me to wear more colour! Thank you!

  2. This is a really inspiring story! I find black creeps into my wardrobe when I’m feeling insecure but colour is totally where it is at. In fact, right this moment M and I are having a clear out and he just found the swatches from when work did my colours in a similar way and I realise that though I have a lot of colour I think I only wear about two from the swatch – oops!

  3. Thanks for having me on your lovely blog!

    Ladies, glad you enjoyed the post! Siobhan – don’t panic, even I find myself regularly looking at my swatches and realising I’m wearing no where near all the colours! There are so many of them after all! I usually recommend people start by picking 3 neutrals and 5 colours and going from there to make it a little less overwhelming. Then you just add a few more in a couple at a time, and before you know if you’re wearing a rainbow!

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