Yes Moments: Positive Affirmations of a Word

{YES MOMENTS – this week on Rosalilium we have some inspiring Guest Bloggers}

Today we have a long time Blogger friend of mine –

say hi to Siobhan!


My name is Siobhan; I’m 30 years old and live in London with my husband and our pet hamster. I waffle about my life, music, clothes and how much I love Sesame Street over on my blog Siobhan Claude Van Damme and also on twitter. If you want to know what I am wearing and eating on any given day you can also follow me on instagram and if you want to be bombarded with pictures of skateboarders and clothes you can find me on Pinterest too. I love me some social media.

When Elizabeth approached me to write about Yes Moments it felt like such apt timing. This year (2013) I picked a word for the year, inspired by Anna over at the (currently closed) blog Skin and Blister who had chosen the word “Value”. I picked the word(s) true/genuine and though it seems like a very small thing that decision seems to have really changed my outlook and by extension my life!


I went into the quest to be more genuine thinking it would be an exercise in saying “no” to all the things that were not “me” but it seems to have really been quite the opposite – this year has been a year of saying “yes” to things I had given up on but which it seems, deep down, I did not want to let go of.

I wrote recently on Any Other Woman about starting skateboarding again and that has been one facet of this experience. I have also been revisiting other long held loves. I’m in the process of picking up my pens and finally after fifteen years completing a picture I have long wanted to go above my bed of a screaming man with either an awesome wave he is surfing or a tsunami he is running away from behind him. It pops with masses of colour in my beloved blues and teals and I cannot wait to see the finished product.

Even more that that I have actually gone skateboarding with my husband! It was terrifying as I kept expecting someone to tell me I was not a real skater, but all the pros started as beginners so we went. The only people there were us and some toddlers running up and down the ramps and I was better than I remembered being. It was exciting and though I know it will be an act of courage every time I go for a while yet, I think heading out and doing it for the first time has given me some confidence to go again, and then again. In this spirit I have also attempted books I thought were beyond me, and we are in the process of making some bigger and even scarier changes too.

It has been so liberating to be the me I always knew I was, and who I always liked. So liberating to toss aside the fear of what others might think and just be who I want to be. So by choosing the word “true” I also chose the word “yes” and that has been an eye opener.

Have you ever chosen a word or theme for a year and did it prompt you to make any changes? If not do you think you would choose a word for next year? I would really love to know!


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  1. Lovely, inspiring post. I chose the word ‘brave’ for 2013 and it’s been amazing the changes I’ve seen and the challenges I’ve taken on as a result! Still three months to go!

  2. Brilliant post! I love the idea of choosing a word for the year, and it’s brilliant that you’ve taken up skating again.

  3. I had not chosen a word for a year, but inspired by your journey, I have chosen one for next year (which I am being mindful of this year, but next year it’ll be official). You have done such cool things. You seem more sure of you. It is all good.

    You really do love you some social media. 🙂

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