Yes Moments!

What is a Yes Moment?

It’s a moment where there is clarity. A moment when things feel right. A time when you feel right with the world. It can be a moment of realisation, a eureka moment, a moment of enlightenment. It can be as grand as finding yourself. Or it can be as little as taking a moment in the daily ritual life to notice the simple pleasures that are already there. Yes moments are about realising your place in the world, in this life. It’s about knowing it’s ok, even if times are rough. Big or small, grand, triumphant or simple contentment – yes moments are worth celebrating. They are worth noticing.

Yes moments need to be embraced.

So this week on Rosalilium we are celebrating Yes Moments. I have invited a group of brilliant women to share their thoughts on Yes Moments and every day there will be a new Guest Blogger sharing their post. It’s a week on inspiration and thoughtfulness designed to make you say Yes!

What is my Yes Moment?

I’m a traveller at heart. Always on the move. Always discovering. Always curious. I believe in change. Life is a constant state of flux and so it makes sense to continue to change, grow, develop and discover.

I move house a lot. And my dreams are constantly filled with travel. If something isn’t right I will change it. If I need to move to make life better then I will. And if I have the means then I will go and explore. Whether it is in my home country or further afield.

I took myself off to Southeast Asia a few years ago. On two occasions. On the first trip, I was determined to get to Burma to visit the country in which my Grandfather was born. Without fear (or at least I ignored my fear) I set about getting to Burma from Thailand. I roped in a friend I had met travelling and meticulously planned the short time I was to be there.

I was the first member of my family to visit Burma since my Grandfather and his family were evacuated during the Second World War when the Japanese invaded. Burma was a closed-off country a few years ago. The authorities were suspicious of foreigners and the people had been treated rather poorly by their unelected military dictatorship government. But I went, nevertheless.

Burmese Monks

Burma was the most incredible country I visited on my travels. Filled with beautiful scenery and charming people, Burma was a dream. Burma was my Yes Moment.

In Burma, I had a number of moments that made me feel good about life and the world. I had many conversations with local Burmese people, all eager to share their story with me. I experienced unbelievably kindness from people I had never met. I laid eyes on the most stunning landscapes. My mind was filled with peace and wonder. It truly was and is a very special country.

Mandalay Palace

Burma is now a lot easier to travel to than when I visited a few years back. But it still needs love and support as it goes through changes. Tourism is a great way to help local people in Burma, especially if you’re savvy with how you spend your money and where you use it. Burma needs more people to know its story. And I can vouch for the very special moments it can give in return.


  1. Have you read A Town Like Alice by Nevil Shute? The main character was in Malaya when WWII started, and wasn’t able to be evacuated (and that section of the novel was based on real happenings in Sumatra).

    It’s one of the best books I have ever read.

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