Your Resident Agony Aunt: Blogosphere Magazine

Issue 5 of Blogosphere

That’s right, I am back in Blogosphere magazine for issue 5 dishing out blog advice in my Agony Aunt column. And once again we have a rather handsome young man on the cover.

I was thrilled to be asked back to write for Blogosphere magazine again. Chatting about all things blogging is one of my favourite things anyway and this is just another excuse to share my thoughts, ideas and advice.

5 issues of blogosphere magazine Of course, being overseas at the moment means I haven’t actually been able to read my copy yet as it’s sat on my Dad’s desk back home. I’m pretty sure my little sister has pilfered it already.

It’ll have to make for good reading once I’m back in the UK in March.

It’s great to be part of a magazine by bloggers for bloggers. It’s chock full of interviews, inspiration and, of course, advice from me. If you’re a blogger you’ll be sure to come away with plenty of new ideas and more awesomeness to add to your blogroll.

Grab your copy here if you fancy it.


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