Apple Cider Mojito Cocktail Recipe

Apple Cider MojitoApple Cider Mojito

With apples in season, the festive period upon us, and well…any excuse for a cocktail, I decided to conjure up something a little bit different. Using some Thatchers Cider that turned up in the post (booze-y post is the best post, yep) I thought I’d experiment with one of the most popular cocktails in the bar. The mojito.

The minty gloriousness of a mojito, it is refreshing and more-ish. I usually think of it as a summer drink but this twist adds the warmth of the spiced rum and the crisp tart flavour of the apples to make for a cosy fizzy cocktail that is sure to warm your cockles in this rather nippy weather.

Apple Cider Mojito Cocktail Recipe

I have seen a few similar recipes doing the rounds and they created their own sugar syrup infused with cinnamon. That sounds pretty delicious if you fancy giving that a try.

As with most of my recipes, you can adapt and tweak to your heart’s content. I think this cider mojito might also be pretty rad with other warming spices such as ginger, cloves or star anise. You could also add an extra dimension to it with other apple liquors or spirits.

Raj loved these! He loved piling the glass full of diced apple and then feasting on the infused fruit after the drink was finished. It’s quite the treat!

Cider Mojito Cocktail

Cider Mojito (serves 2)

  • 120ml Thatchers Gold cider
  • 120ml spiced rum
  • 2tbsp sugar syrup
  • Apples
  • Mint leaves
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Ice

1. Tear up a handful of mint leaves and pop them into the bottom of two glasses. Drizzle with sugar syrup and muddle together to release the minty-ness.

2. In a measuring jug or cocktail mixer, combine the cider and spiced rum, give it a gentle stir with a spoon to meld the flavours together.

3. Pour the cider-rum mixture evenly into the glasses and give it all a gentle stir.

4. Top with diced apples and garnish with more mint and a cinnamon stick.


Apple Cider Mojito

Apple Cider Mojito Recipe


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