New Year Journalling Guide

New Year Journalling Guide 1

I’m easing into this new year slowly. I don’t feel any rush to come up with resolutions or my word of the year yet. In fact, like many of us right now, I am feeling a little discombobulated with this third lockdown in the UK. 

However slow I’m easing into this year, I still want to spend time reflecting on last year, feel grounded, and ready to look ahead to this year. 

And so, I will be spending an afternoon this weekend working through my New Year Journalling Guide. 

This process of reflecting and journalling is so empowering. It allows your mind to really dig deep and the result is a mindset for the year ahead that is rooted in your values, passions, and true goals. 

I did this new year journalling last January with my husband. It took a few hours and to be honest, it was a little intense at times. But ultimately, we felt ready to say goodbye to the past year and ready to tackle the future year.

As I was putting together my journalling prompts, it was scribbled in an old notebook, I figured that you might also like to try out my new year journalling practice too.

So I have created a New Year Journalling Guide just for my subscribers, totally free, so you can also enjoy the benefits of this empowering process.

How to get the New Year Journalling Guide

The guide is in PDF format so you can either download it digitally or print it out at home. It’s accessible via my resource library, exclusively for my subscribers, all you need to do is fill in your details in the form below, confirm your email, and you will get the link and password to the library. 

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Let me know how you get on with your journalling practice. And good luck!