The Good Life Unravelled: Ep. 6 – Binny Shah-Patel on Ethical Animal Tourism

In today’s podcast episode I chat to Binny Shah-Patel, an award-winning travel and food blogger at Binny’s Food and Travel Diaries. Binny lives in London with her husband but is originally from Kenya, moving over to the UK for university. Binny originally worked in the finance industry before moving into blogging and social media management. 

Her passion and hobby is writing and photography and she loves to write about food, whether it is sharing her recipes for dishes she loves influenced from her upbringing in Kenya and her Indian heritage, or to share her experiences dining out in restaurants. She also loves to travel and frequently shares hotel reviews, destination guides and lots of travel inspiration on her blog.

In this episode we talk about how Binny’s upbringing in Kenya influenced her online advocacy work around animal tourism.

She talks about her first hand experience of seeing wildlife that was in abundance around her growing up now being on the endangered list.

Binny explains to use what unethical animal tourism is, and how to find ethical animal experiences.

Binny highlights key to fighting these unethical practices, what goes on behind the scenes and how to understand the issue further.

We also discuss Binny’s approach to managing her wellbeing following a period of burnout working in the financial sector.

We talk about the importance of scheduling in self-care, shifting mindset and removing toxic people from your life. We also talk about morning affirmations and how that can positively change your day.


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