The Good Life Unravelled: Ep. 1 – What is Green Beauty? with Caroline Hirons


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In today’s podcast episode I talk to one of the UK’s top beauty industry consultant / blogger / guru / and all-round skincare expert, Caroline Hirons. 

I have been following Caroline since 2010, when we both started up our blog’s around the same time. Caroline was the person who (and I’m sure many others feel the same as) opened my eyes to skincare and how to take care of my skin. Thanks to Caroline I learned how to use flannels and cleansers to clean my face properly. I learned the face wipes are devil. And I learned what retinol’s were and how they were useful. I like to think I have pretty good skin for a woman in her mid-thirties, and this is in no small part down to everything I learned on Caroline Hiron’s blog. 

I was thrilled when Caroline said yes to being interviewed for my podcast. I have always admired her honest approach, she’s not afraid to speak her mind, and she is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the beauty industry. 

In particular I wanted to chat to Caroline about the concept of ‘green-washing’ in the beauty industry and how this has the potential to mislead consumers. Many terms such as ‘green’, ‘natural’, ‘toxic’ and even ‘free from chemicals’ are used throughout the beauty industry but they can be quite confusing for the consumers. I wanted to dig into this a bit further with Caroline to get clear on what these all mean from a technical aspect. 

I also wanted to find out more about what ‘clean beauty’ really is. We also touched on the term ‘toxic’ or ‘toxins’ and how it is misused in beauty. Caroline recommended some good brands that are ethical, high quality, and honest with customers.

We talked about how beauty routine’s can be a solid part of a self-care routine. Caroline talks about how beauty, for her, is about self-care. It’s less about appearances and more about the routine’s and taking care of herself. 

Caroline share’s the one thing she does every day that helps her positive mindset.

Caroline talked about what a good life looks like to her, which includes setting boundaries, family, integrity, and healthy living.


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