Easy Peasy Retro Christmas Pud

***It is Christmas Cheer Week on ROSALILIUM and we have some very special guests to come and celebrate with us. Today the lovely Kathryn from Kat Got The Cream is sharing a delicious recipe.***

Hello! I’m Kathryn and I blog over at Kat Got the Cream. I’m a big fan of Rosalilium so it’s great to be part of Christmas Cheer Week over here.

Now if, like me, you love to get in the festive spirit but don’t want to spend hours slaving away, then this easy peasy Christmas pud is for you. It only has four ingredients (one of which is a packet of biscuits – yay) and is so retro it should be sporting a pair of flares. It also contains lots of sherry (one of my other fave things), making this pud quite naughty and full of Christmas cheer!

christmas pud

(In fact, I like to imagine Margot from The Good Life whipping this up for Gerry, Barbara and Tom one Christmas and them all getting tiddly and having a drunken orgy merry old time – ha!).

You will need: 

  •  1 packet of chocolate chip cookies (I used the Maryland brand as they are the right size)
  •  Sweet Sherry (I used Harvey’s Bristol Cream)
  •  Small carton of thick cream
  •  Small carton of crème fraiche
  •  Sprinkles to decorate (I used Asda’s own-brand)
  •  A retro Christmas ornament (optional)

Here’s how:

1) In a bowl, whisk the cream until stiff but easily spreadable. Add the crème fraiche to make a ‘half and half’ mixture. Add a little icing sugar to sweeten if you like.

2) In another bowl, pour out about a glass of sherry.

3) Now you can start your production line! Take a biscuit and dip it into the sherry, covering both sides (don’t leave it in any longer than this or it will go too mushy).

4) Using a table knife, spread some cream/crème fraiche mixture on one side of the biscuit. Then take another biscuit, dip and then stick to the other, sandwiching the cream between.

5) Repeat the above, assembling the biscuits in a line across an oval plate, until you’ve used the whole packet.

6) Using the remaining cream/crème fraiche mixture, spread over the line of biscuits until completely covered.

7) Decorate as desired. I like to go really retro with sprinkles, glitter and some old fashioned Christmas tree/cake ornaments.

8) Pop it into the fridge for a couple of hours as this will give the biscuits chance to soak up the sherry and the cream mixture firm up so that it all tastes more ‘cakey’ when you eat it. If possible, leave overnight for even better results.

P.S. If you’d like to make a more angelic, non-alcoholic version (for the kiddiewinks/designated driver, say) then substitute ginger biscuits and use fresh orange juice instead of sherry.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Keep it retro!




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