The Good Life Unravelled Podcast: Ep. 25 – How To Set Boundaries

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In today’s podcast episode I am sharing what I’ve learned about how to set boundaries. I talk about my past as being overly nice and the detrimental effects that had on my mental health.

So many of us struggle with self-care because we don’t know how to set healthy boundaries with those around us. We often fear that boundaries could cause conflict or upset. But the opposite is true. If boundaries come from an authentic and genuine place and effectively communicated they lead to healthier relationships and a more effective lifestyle that is more in line with your values and goals. 

Setting boundaries is one of the first steps to creating a good life. It’s about honouring who you are, and respecting yourself. 

In this episode I share:

  • My history of boundaries, or lack of
  • Whether I like being a nurturing person
  • How is setting boundaries a form of self-care
  • What are boundaries?
  • Examples of setting boundaries
  • How to deal with the fall-out of setting boundaries
  • Tips for setting boundaries
  • 6 types of boundaries
  • What do healthy boundaries look like?


  • It’s about understanding what is healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally, and then being able to communicate that with the people around you. 
  • Setting boundaries means you can still be the nurturing and caring person, but on your terms. 
  • The hardest part of setting boundaries is maintaining them.
  • The key is to start listening to yourself, establish what boundaries do exist in your life that work for you, and where you have gaps.


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