Review: Natura Bissé Bubble Pure Air Facial

Inside Harvey Nichols BirminghamNatura Bisse at Harvey Nichols Birmingham

This weekend I was invited along to try out the new Natura Bissé facial inside a bubble of pure air at Harvey Nichols in Birmingham.

The Natura Bissé Bubble Pure Air is a large tent-like structure situated near the entrance of the store. Inside treatments are performed in 99.95% pure air which has been purified to help to detoxify and enhance the processes.

I wasn’t too familiar with the Natura Bissé brand at all and was totally fascinated with the concept of this facial. So off I popped on Saturday morning to be greeted by the warmest and loveliest of therapists.

I had to remove my shoes before entering the purified environment. With the therapist outside I removed my top and pushed my bra straps down and lay on the treatment bed underneath a towel.

The therapist then spent some time talking me through what the one hour facial would include and the products we would be using. I appreciated that she explained the moments when some products might tingle or feel cold so there weren’t any crazy surprises.

Natura Bisse Air Bubble

As the facial began I immediately felt at ease. I’m not generally good at relaxation but the atmosphere and treatment were immediately calming.

My specific facial was called the Diamond Life Infusion Therapy facial. It is designed to boosts the formation of collagen and skin elastin, whilst encouraging the elimination of toxins and cells.

The facial began with a gentle cleanse and massage, which felt amazing! This was followed by an exfoliating treatment. Whilst the treatment was left to work on my face the therapist did some massage my pressure points.

Natura Bisse Facial

Next I had serum treatment and whilst that worked the therapist gave me a massage on my head, neck, and shoulders.

Then, for the crazy part, the face mask. I was feeling pretty relaxed by then. This mask was a thick mixture that felt cold at first on my face. But what was most disconcerting at first was how thick it was. It was smeared all over my face, including eyes! You know when your eyes are closed and then a hand goes over it? It was totally blacked out. I did have a mild panic, or at least an awareness of vulnerability.

But I soon got over it and relaxed into the mask. Whilst that was working the therapist gave me a hand and arm massage. I don’t think I’m a fan of hand massages, they make my teeth hurt. But it was still lovely.

Then the weird bit, the mask is gently peeled off in one go and when I open my eyes I was confronted with a flesh coloured mask imprint of my own face! It was so creepy, and amusing, and somewhat satisfying.

Anyhow, after that a moisturiser was applied with a deep massage technique which helps work the product right into the skin. This was then followed with a final treatment that locks the moisture in.

That was it. A full hour was done and it went so quickly.

I was left to get dressed and sadly left the purified air dome. My therapist gave me a full list of the products used and a few samples to try again at home.

I’m now typing this up about 9 hours later and my face still feels super soft and smooth. I’m not sure how anti-ageing it is, my wrinkles are most certainly still there! I think the anti-ageing effect is more about the soft, bright skin that I have after the treatment. There appears to be some plumping of the wrinkles, so that is a plus. Perhaps with regular treatments this might take more effect?

I would definitely recommend this  Diamond Life Infusion Therapy facial with  Natura Bissé if you get a chance. It produces immediate results and feels amazing!

Further information

The treatment can be purchased at Harvey Nichols – it is £50, which is redeemable on product following the facial. Call 0121 616 6000.