Pasta Sauces Don’t Have To Be Boring

Get Creative With Your Pasta SauceSure, you could just stir it in a be done with it. Dinner done in 10 minutes. Bish bash bosh.

Or…. you could jazz it up a little.

I was sent a few samples of this new fresh pasta sauce range from Giovanni Rana because they know I like to get creative with food but still keep it simple and tasty.

Once I got over the initial excitement that once again people were sending me food through the post (possibly one of the best deliveries you can get) and set about planning what to do with it all.

There are so many possibilities for using pasta sauces creatively. You could whack it on some chicken and bake it in the oven. Drizzle it over some roasted butternut squash. Mash it up with some white fish, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and bake into a tasty fishermans pie.

Chicken Parmo

My favourite idea was actually the boyf’s. He has been going on and on about this takeaway dish they have tup North called Chicken Parmo (?). It’s their version of a kebab, he tells me. When he was at uni they’d grab this from the chippy on the way home from a night out. It’s basically chips, piled with bechamel sauce, piled with breaded chicken, then cheese, then tomato sauce, and more cheese. I think.

Sounds awful to me.

But he says it’s the bomb-diggity.

So we made a sneaky mid-week dinner of this for him. We used spicy fries, topped with a turkey escalope, then some mozzarella, followed by the Giovanni Rana Tomato and Mascarpone sauce, and finally a bit more mozzarella. It’s cheat-y comfort food at it’s best apparently.

Mushroom Chicken Drumsticks

For the kiddies in the household we baked up a tray of chicken drumsticks with a pot of the Giovanni Rana Creamy Carbonara sauce, which they loved!

And for me? I got creative with four different ways to spruce up your pasta dishes. Something for everyone in the household. And funnily enough, everyone had a different favourite. Love it when that happens.

We had:

Chorizo and Kale Spaghetti

Chorizo and Kale Pasta with the Tomato and Basil Sauce

Sage Butter and Broccoli Pasta

Broccoli Pasta with the Sage Butter Sauce

Sausage and Pesto Pasta

Sausage and Pesto Pasta

Bacon and Mushroom Pasta

Bacon and Button Mushroom Pasta with the Porcini Mushroom Sauce

The sauces were packed full of flavour so we were super happy with those, and by adding lots of fun extra we were able to sneak in some healthy vegetables (except the for the boyf with his unhealthy choice!).

I would definitely buy the Sage Butter sauce for my little sister again, it got her eating LOADS of broccoli. And for myself I could eat the Tomato and Basil sauce for the days. It seems the rest of the adults were pretty keen on all of the other sauces.

What’s your favourite flavour pasta sauce?

Do you like to jazz it up a little?


  1. I love to make my own pasta sauce because you can make it more exciting #ukbloggers xx Mummy2Monkeys xx

  2. Wow, I might actually try out these sauces – they look delicious! What camera are you using, by the way? I’ve been on the hunt for a new one but I haven’t decided on one yet – your photos are great!

  3. Yes we are definitely into jazzing up sauces, I find sauces alone with a paltry amount of other bits and pieces dull (probably why I don’t enjoy going out for an Italian meal) so we add in loads of veg. The other night we had a tomato and olive pasta sauce and added in an aubergine, chunks of tomato, spinach, courgette, creme fraiche and herbs. Delicious!x

    I’d like to try Raj’s favourite.

    Wow, BEDM is over today. It has been an experience. Nice to have been able to visit you lots all month and find out more about your life and comment on it. Good luck for the future.

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