The Good Life Unravelled Podcast: Ep. 36 – Men’s Health and Wellbeing with Raj and Sonehal


Raj and Sonehal


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In today’s podcast episode I chat with my husband Raj and his best friend Sonehal about their new project – To The Baseline – an instagram account to chart their honest journey through health, fitness and wellbeing. Each of them has their own perspectives, different goals, and different backgrounds. They want to show what it’s like in an honest and informative way. 

They are two best mates transforming their bodies and minds. Different start points, different goals, same drive. Starting at Day 1, chatting health, fitness, nutrition, music, NFL, NBA, tequila, and a whole lot more.

In this episode we chat about why fitness is a focus for them both right now and what it means to them personally. They share their perspective about integrating fitness into their lifestyle to create a good life without it being all encompassing. 

We talk about body image and relativity. We talk about how fatness isn’t necessarily a sign of fitness. 

They share their different perspectives on what makes a good life, and what self-care means to them. And we touch on the importance of sexual wellness.

This is a slightly different format this week. We recorded the interview in situ, in my living room, with two different mics, so it sounds a bit different. But hopefully you get lots of value and enjoy our chitchat.


  • Instagram being aspirational means it doesn’t always show what’s realistic or achievable.
  • Fitness is integral to a good life but it doesn’t have to be all encompassing.
  • What it’s like to be overweight and using the gym.
  • When you stop comparing yourselves to others you can be happy.
  • Moving away from approval from others and towards self-approval.
  • Good life is about being around good people.
  • Good life is about choice and freedom.
  • Sexual wellness doesn’t get discussed properly but is probably vital to most people.


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