The First Dance

First Dance

As we gathered our guests around us on the dance floor I looked out at the wedding barn around us. It really struck me in that moment just how beautiful this setting really was.

The DJ played our song ‘Counting Stars’ by One Republic. It was a tough one to choose a song, as we have quite a few, but this was the one we kept coming back to. It worked for us as it’s a song that seems to have followed us around on our adventures over the year.

Singing to First DanceGive us a whirl

Plus,  we love that the song starts slowly before breaking into a mid-tempo ‘dance-y’ song. We didn’t want to spend 3-5 minutes slow dancing and smooching, we had had plenty of romance throughout the day. We wanted something to set the tone for the evening, and we wanted lots of fun and dancing!

Dancing at weddingMore singing

We began the song dancing in an embrace before breaking apart, singing to each other, swinging, spinning and jumping. Before long, we beckoned our guests to join us, who I have to say, seemed a little tentative at first. Soon enough we were all on the dance floor singing and dancing our socks off.

Most people have just the first dance, but being the greedy music lover and party girl that I am I also chose the second dance. I wanted the song after the first dance to also reflect us as a couple and again, set the tone for the night. We chose ‘Lean On’ by Major Lazer, a song that we loved when we were living in Thailand a couple of years ago, and always makes me want to dance.

Hands in the air to first dance

I had made huge playlists on Spotify for the entire day and gave an evening/dancing one to our DJ to use as inspiration for the evening. As it turned out, she pretty much played my playlist which is fine in that we got to hear the music I love (just not quite what we’d paid for, ha!).

Bride and Groom DancingBride dancingGroom Dancing

In the end, it was a full night of dancing, smiling and fun. For that, I am most happy about.

It was during the dancing that we brought our the desserts, chocolate brownie and ice cream! It’s probably one of our favourite desserts. I can’t tell you what it was like but I’ve been receiving rave reviews ever since. PLUS, our caterers provided vegan brownies as well. What stars!

It kept the guests happy, and that’s the main thing!


All photos by Simon Brettell


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