Wedding Video: English-Hindu Fusion Wedding

Countryside Wedding

It is almost one whole year since we got married, and I can’t quite believe how quickly these first 12 months have passed. In that time quite a bit has happened, and yet it still only feels like yesterday that we were saying our wedding vows.

I realised today that I had yet to share my wedding video here on the blog. Our lovely videographer made us a short 4 minute trailer for me to share with you and I think he did a fab job of capturing the essence of the day.

As you might be able to gather from previous wedding posts, the day was pretty packed as we had two ceremonies – the English civil ceremony followed by the Hindu spiritual ceremony. We had quite the English-Hindu fusion wedding.

We also had a Popcorn and Prosecco Reception in between ceremonies (which gave us time to change into our Indian outfits, and for the groomsman to change the wedding barn around). After the ceremonies we had a wedding breakfast meal and speeches, and I was supposed to make a speech but ran out of time to prepare one and on the day I was in such a daze I couldn’t muster any words. (Seriously, who knew weddings were so tiring, eh?!)

Overall it was pretty hectic, but the day capped off with lots of dancing and drinking, and a super-popular pizza oven (which sadly I don’t have much video or photo evidence of).

I loved marrying Raj, in fact, being married to Raj is the best thing. I love it.

I’ll probably write something a little more in-depth for our first wedding anniversary next week, but for now … please do enjoy our English-Hindu fusion wedding video.

Watch the video on YouTube here

Video by Steve Hood Films


Wedding photography by Simon Brettell


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The English Civil Ceremony

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