The Unintentional Photobooth

We had always wanted to have a photobooth at our wedding. I’m a lifelong enthusiast of photobooths and poser extraordinaire. Show me a photobooth and I’m scrambling to find the pound coins to use it. And whenever there’s a camera around I’m jumping straight in front of that lens!

A photobooth would’ve been an ideal addition to our wedding.

In fact, our friends had an amazing photobooth at their wedding just the month before ours and it was such a fun, memorable part of the day. We loved dressing up in all the props and playing around with the photos. It was laughs aplenty.

However, mostly due to budget constraints, it wasn’t to be for us.

YET, yet…. as luck would have it, there was a random photobooth prop already at our venue. We saw it the day before when we were setting up and fully intended to make use of it by decorating it with our chalk pens and fairy lights.

We saw it the day before, when we were setting up, and fully intended to make use of it by decorating it with our chalk pens and fairy lights.

Time got the better of us on prep day so the photobooth was left in the corner of the dance floor area and we forgot about it. That is, until we’d all drank far too much delicious wine, danced to far too many songs, and remembered that the photobooth was there waiting for a barrage of silly drunken photos to be taken.

Our photobooth was simply a large black wooden screen on wheels and castors. Within the screen, a large hole had been cut out and fixed with a gold vintage-style frame, which happened to match my own frames that we used for the table plan.

Using just our phones, a bunch of us took it in turns to take lots of silly photobooth pictures. It was ace.

These are some of my favourite photos of the wedding.


photobooth brother and sister

photobooth cousins

photobooth fun

photobooth boys

photobooth time

photobooth silly

photobooth drink

photobooth serious

Long live the Photo Booth!


Photos by various guests




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