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At our wedding, the evening entertainment pretty much revolved around the dancing in the barn, and hanging out eating pizza oven out in the courtyard.

Our caterers, being the total stars that they are, ran a wedding pizza oven for the entire evening and it was a roaring success! Who knew people loved pizza so much?!

In fact, it was so popular that some of our family got involved with the prep and cooking to help get through all of the orders. It was a full-on family activity with everyone getting stuck in. I think secretly everyone wanted to have a go at the pizza-making. It was so fun to have it all prepped and made out in the courtyard as the guests were mingling, and having fun.

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The courtyard area was nestled between the two barns with part of the area covered and the rest open to the fresh summer air. In one corner was a large catering table in front of the stone pizza oven. There were metal tables and chairs dotted around and large bench under the covered area.

Here our guests gathered for wedding pizza, drinks and catching up. A certain person (mentioning no names!) found a tray and acted a ‘shots girl’ taking various spirits around the terrace and encouraging everyone to get rather squiffy. Raj and I had bought LOADS of booze so we made sure that everyone was very much catered for in terms of food. So it’s a good job we had all those pizzas on hand!

Holland and Joel made and cooked all of the pizzas  to order. And we even had dessert ‘nutella pizzas’, which the youngsters were particularly excited about it.

I think I managed one bite of my sister’s pizza but just couldn’t really stomach much food. And I kept being dragged off to chat to different people or dance to yet another favourite song!

Wedding Pizza Oven

We had soooooo much food at our wedding. Our caterers totally over-delivered, it was insane what they produced. They worked insanely hard, produced delicious food, and were total darlings to be around. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants fresh, delicious food at their wedding or event.

Every time I speak to a friend or relative who came to the wedding they always mention how incredible the food was. I am unbelievably happy about that. I am such a feeder anyway, to have two amazing people feed our nearest and dearest to such a high standard was amazing.

And wedding pizzas! Always a crowd-pleaser.

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Photos by Simon Brettell