The Good Life Unravelled: Ep. 19 – Body Neutrality / 7 Reasons Why I’m No Longer Talking About My Body


on the norfolk beach

In today’s podcast episode I discuss the 7 moments that led me to realise that I should not, and would not, be talking about my body either in public or in real life to family and friends. 

I am taking a stance of body neutrality as I believe thin and thin-passing women like myself should not be taking up space in the body positivity movement and taking the conversation away from people who suffer discrimination because of their larger size. 

In the long term I would like to see a society where nobody’s appearance is up for debate nor discrimination. And one way that I can make a positive change is to not add my body up to discussion, that includes talking about changing body shape and size, or feeling self-conscious, or anything like that. 


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