How to Make Marshmallow Vodka

marshmallow vodka

The marshmallow vodka was a hit! If you want to try making your own marshmallow vodka at home, read on!

I am a bit of a fan of infusing vodkas following the successful toffee, blackberry and raspberry vodka’s I made last year.

And so I thought I would get the marshmallows involved this time to make marshmallow vodka.

After all, our cocktail trolley is in desperate need of some pink at the moment.

How to make marshmallow vodka


  • a bottle of vodka
  • a bag of marshmallows
  • a large mason jar


  1. tip a bag of marshmallows in the large mason jar
  2. carefully pour the bottle of vodka on top and save the bottle for later
  3. seal the mason jar tightly and give it all a really good shake
  4. shake every couple of hours on the first day
  5. shake once or twice a day for about a fortnight
  6. using a clean muslin cloth strain the vodka mixture into a bowl with a lip (I double-strained)
  7. pour the marshmallow vodka back into the original vodka bottle
  8. optional: add a drop or two of pink food colouring to make the vodka pop

I totally put too much food colouring in mine. The bottle slipped, oops! So instead of a gentle baby pink colour, I now have fuchsia vodka.

Still, it will make for pretty cocktails.

Now…I just need the boyf to come up with some yummy cocktails to share with you. His brain has been a-buzzing with ideas lately.

We love this marshmallow vodka, it is so easy to make and it a great unusual and quirky gift. We think it looks fab on our home bar and we always get loads of comments.

I like to drink my marshmallow vodka with a large dash of lemonade for a sweet club soda flavour. It also works well in martini style cocktail. Or you could mix it with fruit juices such as apple or grape.

Let me know if you try this recipe!



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