How To Make Toffee Vodka

How to Make Toffee Vodka

I adore toffee vodka. It is sweet and incredible easy to drink. It’s a fabulous winter beverage and it makes for the perfect Christmas gift. I have been making this toffee vodka recipe for years now and it’s always a big hit with the family and friends. To make toffee vodka you simply combine toffees with a nice quality vodka in a mason jar. Shake the toffee vodka together every few hours until the sweets dissolve, and then pour into a bottle ready for drinking or gifting. 

After my first foray into DIY vodka (Blackberry vodka), I have been itching to experiment with other types of vodka. So after a little research, I came up with this simple recipe for making your own DIY Toffee Vodka.

The first time I made this recipe (I really must updated those photos) I used a cheap vodka and it wasn’t great. I’d definitely recommend using a decent quality vodka. 

How to make toffee vodka


  • 1 bottle of Vodka
  • 135g Werther’s Original toffees


1. You will need a bottle of vodka (the cheap stuff is ok, but on my second try I used this Chase vodka and that was tastier), a packet of Werther’s Original (approx. 135g) and a sterilised Mason Jar.

Toffee Vodka Ingredients

2. Simply mix the bottle vodka with a packet of Werther’s Original sweets in a mason jar.


3. Shake every few hours over 2 days until the toffee has dissolved.

Toffee in the Vodka

4. And voila! Toffee Vodka.

Homemade Toffee Vodka

I reckon that the majority of my Christmas gifts this year to others will be homemade booze, I hope they like it!

What do you think? Maybe decorate a little bottle with ribbon and give to a loved one at Christmas?

Do you have any other boozy recipes to recommend for other Christmas gifts?



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