The Good Life Unravelled: Ep. 4 – Lucy Lucraft on Zero Waste Living and Sustainability

Lucy Lucraft

Today I am talking to Lucy Lucraft. A freelance journalist, blogger and podcaster from Brighton who creates content about sustainability, low impact living and plant based life. She also consults and trains on podcasting for ethically conscious businesses.

I gave Lucy a call to find out what a good life means to her.

In this episode we chat about zero waste living actually means and how Lucy advocates for small and simple swaps to get started on your sustainability journey.

We also discuss how accessibility and privilege need to be part of the conversation when talking about sustainability.

We also learn about Patreon and how it is useful for supporting creatives and advocates working in the sustainability sphere.

Lucy talks about how yoga is important to her and we discuss the issue of cultural appropriation within the commercialised yoga industry in the West.

Finally, Lucy shares what key daily self-care technique she uses and what her top tip for living a good life is.

I would say this conversation ended up being quite politically in a way, and I’m really pleased that we got into some deeper thoughts about culture, identity, privilege and the commercialisation of wellness.

There may be some moments where you find the conversation might make you uncomfortable, and I truly hope you take the time to listen to the full episode and sit with that discomfort. It’s worth exploring these perspectives further and holding yourself accountable. This is something Lucy personally advocates for; that she is held accountable. And I think it’s something we could all embrace as we move towards a more accepting, awareness filled space that is inclusionary.


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