The Good Life Unravelled: Ep. 3 – Monica Stott on Instinctive Self-Care

Monica Stott_The Travel Hack

In this episode I talk to Monica Stott, a successful travel blogger known as The Travel Hack, one of the UK’s leading travel blogs.

Monica and her team of bloggers travel the world in search of affordable luxury. They aim to inspire others to travel more and get luxury travel experiences on an economy budget! Monica began blogging in 2009 when she spent two years travelling around Asia and Australia. She then returned to the UK and studied journalism in London but her wanderlust kept her travelling.

She worked in social media management for one of the world’s biggest travel agencies before becoming a full time travel blogger. She travels from Bath to Barbados, New Zealand to New York and Denmark to Dominica, always in search of affordable luxury.

Monica now has a young family with two little boys called George and Joseph (with another baby on the way) so she focuses on shorter holidays and family friendly adventures. She has a team of writers who contribute to The Travel Hack to ensure the blog is packed full of fresh adventures, inspiration and travel tips.

We had a really interesting chat about how Monica chose a career as a travel blogger that gives her freedom to choose where and when to work. We discuss how she is able to manage her career around her family.

Monica talks about how wellbeing wasn’t necessarily something she consciously focused on but on reflection she actually had an instinct for making choices that put her wellbeing first.

We also touch on the therapeutic benefits of pets, having a bedtime routine, the importance of prioritising sleep, and even the joy of jet lag

A key takeaway from this interview with Monica Stott was that you don’t need to overthink wellness too much.

If you know what works for you and makes you happy, and you avoid worrying what other people are thinking and doing, you can instinctively make choices that work best for you.

I was really struck by how instinctive Monica is with taking care of her wellbeing. As an over-thinker this has inspired me to try and switch off all the noise around the ‘should’s and ‘shouldn’t’ and focus on what I feel a good life will look like for me.


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