The Good Life Unravelled Podcast: Ep. 26 – Making a Rented House a Home with Medina Grillo

Medina Grillo
Medina Grillo

In today’s podcast episode And today we are chatting to Medina Grillo. Medina is the author of the book – Home Sweet Rented Home, the creator of the series – How I Rent, and the voice behind the blog Grillo Designs where she shares creative and affordable ways to decorate your home with a DIY approach. Her goal is to inspire creativity and her tagline is, ‘Just your Average renter, Making a house a home!’

In this episode we chat about Medina’s journey from her profession in healthcare as a nurse and midwife to being a content creator and creative. Medina shares how her creative spirit helped her make her rented home a place that is welcoming and inspiring.

We chat about what the difference is between upcycling and hacking. In particular, Medina shares her thoughts on the importance of just getting stuck in and not being afraid to fail. Medina emphasises the point that failure is important as failing is the point in which we learn and grown as people.

We talk about how, as a society, and particularly now through social media, we hide our failures. But Medina has found that as she has become more authentic and sharing her truth online she has becoming more who she wants to be, a person who makes change whether it’s challenging the stigma around renting a home, as well as being a Muslim person living in the UK.

Medina stresses how a home is a feeling and how our homes are important to our overall wellbeing. It’s all about changing our mindset and blocking out the noise of other people’s perspectives.

I love Medina’s down to earth enthusiasm. When I came across her instagram a year or so ago I felt totally engaged with her approach to creating her home and lifestyle a place that feels right to her.


  • There is no wrong or right way with DIY.
  • The importance of making mistakes as they help you grow in both what you practice and as a person.
  • Sharing an opinion will garner both positive and negative responses but sitting on the fence is not authentic.
  • Home is a feeling.
  • Removing the stigma of renting is about changing mindset and ignoring other people’s prejudices. 


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