The Good Life Unravelled Podcast: Ep. 37 – How To Create Space for Processing For Your Mental and Emotional Health


Importance of Processing


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In today’s podcast I share a more free-flowing style of solo episode. Hope you like it! I share my thoughts on processing and why I think it’s important to create space for our brains to process thoughts and emotions to keep ourselves mentally and emotionally healthy. 

I share how having an autistic family member taught me how to recognise the necessity for processing. 

I talk about how my awareness of my own introvertedness taught me about creating space for myself.

I share some of the ways I create space for processing, as well as examples of how others use processing techniques. 

Finally, I talk about how to recognise if and when we need to process, and how beneficial this is to integrate into our everyday lives.



  • Creating space allows for processing.

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