The Good Life Unravelled Podcast: Ep. 22 – The Art of Manifestation with Victoria Jackson


Victoria Jackson

In today’s podcast episode I am chatting to Victoria Jackson. Victoria is a content creator, coach and community leader focused on teaching the art of manifestation and helping people create a life filled with magic, from positive mindset tricks, to increasing motivation, goal setting ideas and putting the action into the law of attraction. Just expect all of the above to be served with a large helping of spirituality and talk of the universe.

In this episode Victoria shares her journey from journalist and editor to fashion and interiors blogger through to her current work focusing on the power of manifestation.

Victoria tells us exactly what manifestation means and how it looks in practical, everyday terms. She shares personal examples of how manifestation has worked for her and changed her life for the better.

We chat about whether it is coincidence or manifestation at work. As well as how the fundamentals of the positive mindset shift is beneficial in all areas of our life.

Victoria shares some tips on how to get started with manifestation, plus how to think about manifestation if you are feeling cynical about it.

Plus, Victoria shares her self-care routines, what a good life means to her, and a super useful tip to help you figure out what a good life means to you.

It was a joy to speak to Victoria for this podcast, she is so passionate about her work and you can really hear that enthusiasm in this episode.


  • Manifestation is about a number of things including goal setting, visualisation, positive mindset shift, and harnessing energy to attract the things you want and need from the universe.
  • Victoria is a big believer in lessons before blessings. Trust in the process and what you need to learn.
  • Scripting is a useful technique to write about your future self and picture exactly what your life looks like.


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