The Good Life Unravelled: Ep.15 – How Business Can Positively Change The World with Will Adoasi


Will Adoasi

In today’s podcast episode I am chatting with Will Adoasi. Will is the founder of VitaeLondon a fashion brand predominantly known for its watches, and of which a percentage of all profits go towards an initiative in Africa supporting children in education. Will’s other achievements include being selected as one of Richard Bransons Virgins ambassadors for entrepreneurship in the UK. And he was named on the Future of Ghana’s top 30 under 30 global list.

Will started his first business at 19 years old and in this episode he shares how he went from working in the corporate world to wanting to start a business that combined his love for fashion and creativity with one that made a positive difference in the world.

Will shares his inspiration to focus the philanthropic work of his business thanks to the inspiration from his father, who was the first person in his family in Ghana to learn to read and write. Will has experienced first hand the incredible ripple of effect just one person making a positive difference can have.

We discuss how Will approaches working with organisations already established within the countries they support. He shares his perspective on empowering local people who understand how best to support those living in poverty.

Will shares his view on what a good life means and how he believes we need to prioritise our wellness in order to make the best impact we can on the world.

Will also shares the importance of his faith and how wellness is a feature within scripture.

One of the key takeaway’s from this interview is how vital the right mindset is, from taking care of ourselves the right way all the way through to look after each other and the world around us.

It’s great to see that business can function, be successful, and make a positive impact on the world. I had such a great chat with Will today, he is getting on with making a difference and it’s certainly spurring me on with my own journey.


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  • You can set up a business, make a sustainable profit, and help vulnerable people
  • It’s important to actually speak to the people living and working in an area you want to help. They have the cultural understanding of who needs help and the best way to make a difference.
  • Creating the right mindset is vital to make a difference in the world.
  • Wellness should be holistic, you need to create space in your diary to decompress and be as healthy as you can be.
  • A good life is one that serves other people. If everyone in the world lived to serve others the entire planet would be better off.


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