The Good Life Unravelled: Ep. 7 – Sara Tasker on Cultivating Creativity, Alternative Business and Living with Chronic Illness


In today’s podcast episode I chat to Sara Tasker aka Me and Orla. Sara is a writer and creative business consultant who credits Instagram with changing her life. Her podcast, Hashtag Authentic, offering advice for creatives business owners online has over 1 million downloads to date. Her work is regularly featured by press such as The Guardian, BBC Radio, Stylist Magazine and Wired, and she was named ‘Content Creator of the Year’ by Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2018.

Sara has a chronic health condition that makes it hard for her to access traditional work, and is passionate about helping others build lives and businesses that allow for both their strengths and struggles. She lives in the Yorkshire countryside, UK, with her husband, daughter, and an unlikely assortment of pets.

In this interview we talk about the importance of prioritising creativity daily and how many of us need to actively re-wire our brains in adulthood to think of ourselves as creatives.

We also chat about the alternative way to being a businesswoman that isn’t rooted in the extrovert, patriarchal culture. That the internet has provided an alternate way to smash the glass ceiling and do business differently. Sara talks about the shift in defining success and how that looks different to different people.

Sara shares a bit more about her chronic health condition and how she has to work around this in her life and business.

We chat about Sara’s self-care routines and how she has cultivated healthier practices over her summer break from the internet and can now introduce into her daily life.

We also talk about Sara’s idea of a good life and the advice she would give to others looking to create a life they love.

I adored this chat with Sara. We’ve been online buddies for probably about 5 years and I’ve loved watching this incredibly creative woman created a successful business for herself and her family. I think we have similar outlooks on things and really did feel like we could natter on for hours. Sara has this thoughtful and considered approach to her life and I appreciated the openness and honesty with which she has shared her insights with us today.


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