The Good Life Unravelled: Ep.10 – Recognising the Ego and Listening to Your True Self

In today’s podcast episode you have just me! This is my first solo episode on The Good Life Unravelled! I hope you like it.

Today I want to share with you my experience and insight from learning and confronting my ego, recognising it’s role in my life, and how it has impacted me. 

I explain what I mean by ‘ego’ and how through a period of transformation I became aware of it. I talk about the realisation that being an honest person didn’t make me honest with myself.

I talk about how I’ve learned to differentiate between my ego and my true self. And I share some examples of how the ego takes over as an automatic response and when I recognised that it was derailing my true purpose.

I share how the ego functions by making us ‘react’ to life rather than being active. I discuss why I think ego develops and when I think mine came about as a reaction to some past circumstances.

I hope you find something helpful and empowering from this episode today.


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