100 Ways To Practice Self-Care for Improved Wellbeing


Following my announcement yesterday of a change of direction here on the blog I figured the best way was to start as I mean to go… with a full-on, epic, detailed, committed list to taking care of myself better.

I think all of us could do with taking better of ourselves. Too often we get caught up in ‘being busy’ as we are metaphorically hung, drawn, and quartered by society’s pressures and ideals.

The world is a hectic place to be in, and the best way to cope is to have self-care strategies in place so that when we need to, we can withdraw, switch off, or just change gears a little.

It’s not only the kindest thing we can do for ourselves, but it’s also VITAL for our all-round health.

Being kind to yourself = better health and wellbeing.

Your health and wellbeing is not just about physicality. It’s about mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The stronger we are in ALL of those areas, the healthier and more joyful a life we can lead.

Join me over the next few months/years as I embark on a journey of discovering how best to take care of myself so that I can live the most positive, joyful and effective life possible.

Here are a ‘few’ ideas and inspiration to help us get started on improving our self-care routine. There’s a FREE printable at the end for you to download and keep.

Refer to this self-care list when you feel in a rut, in need of recuperating, or just a bit more juju in your life.


100 Ways to Improve Self Care

100 Ways To Practice Self-Care For Improved Wellbeing

1. Go for a walk (check out this cool list for ideas)

2. Treat yourself to some luxury dark chocolate (I love these ones)

3. Treat yourself to a home spa session (try some gorgeous smellies like these)

4. Write in your journal (I bought this to start bullet journalling)

5. Send thank you cards (I love these stamps)

6. Snuggle your pets (I adopted two RSPCA kittens recently! Read about them here)

7. Take a yoga class (find your local UK class here)

8. Eat the most epic and creative salad you can think of (I’m a fan of this one)

9. Invite your closest friends over for a natter

10. Take a digital detox (15 top tips here)

11. Stretch (inspiration on Pinterest)

12. Book a short break away (useful ideas here)

13. Do something new (try this book for ideas)

14. Practise meditation (use a guided meditation app like Headspace)

15. Have a good cry

16. Write a list of priorities

17. Get on top of your finances (try an app such as Mint or Home Budget)

18. Drink an epic green smoothie (ideas here)

19. Go dancing (dance therapy is even recommend for some with mental health problems)

20. Remove toxic relationships from your life (read my post about relationships here)


21. Print out some photographs from your hard drive (order them online here)

22. Batch make food for the week (recipe ideas here)

23. Take a bath (treat yourself to some gorgeous oils)

24. Try a new walk (visit Walking Britain for ideas)

25. Organise a cocktail party for friends (tips for organising here)

26. Go foraging (my top tips here)

27. Drink lots of green tea (try this one)

28. Listen to peaceful music (my favourite is Einaudi)

29. Wear clothes that make you feel good (I just bought this jumper)

30. Take a gratitude walk

31. Or try a gratitude journal (like this one)

32. Declutter your home (my tips for decluttering at home, and tips for decluttering your online space)

33. Declutter your workspace

34. Binge watch your favourite TV show (30 day free trial here)

35. Make a fort or den in your living room (inspiration here)

36. Take an art or craft class (try online classes such as Udemy or Skillshare)

37. Write a letter to your grandparents (on some fancy stationery)

38. Go to a petting farm to hug a goat (like here)

39. Go on a date (see my 100 Valentines post for ideas)

40. Paint your nails (I’m a fan of O.P.I. polishes)

Yoga at Galgorm

41. Write a list of your goals (use a Goals Journal to help)

42. Give yourself a compliment (go on, you deserve it!)

43. Light a candle (my current favourite and I adore this one too)

44. Invest in aromatherapy oils (such as these)

45. Choose tomorrowโ€™s outfit before bed

46. Experiment with a capsule wardrobe (explanation here)

47. Treat yourself to one indulgence each pay day (this year I am hoping to save for this investment handbag) (usually I treat myself to a manicure!)

48. Cook a new recipe

49. Indulge in reading a book for a few hours (I’m reading this and this one)

50. Hike up a hill (I’m keen to visit Wales more this year)

51. Eat a big breakfast (inspiration here)

52. Go to bed early (and snuggle in some new cosy bed linen)

53. Eat a frog (concept explained here)

54. Make or buy a gift for a friend (this website is great for unique gifts)

55. Brainstorm and choose your life values (I like to pick a Word of the Year)

56. Do some colouring in (love this colouring book)

57. Take a roadtrip (this is great for inspiration)

58. Cuddle (it boosts your immune system too)

59. Slap on a facemask (my current favourite)

60. Eat seasonal fruit (useful seasonality table)


61. Have a board games night (my favourites are Scrabble, Cluedo and Monopoly)

62. Host a charity fundraiser (how to here)

63. Have an afternoon nap (it’s totally natural)

64. Laugh (I often stick on my fave tv show)

65. Buy yourself a beautiful bunch of flowers

66. Spend 20 minutes a day cleaning your home (ideas here)

67. Create a cleaning schedule

68. Watch your all-time favourite movie. Again. And again. (This is my favourite movie)

69. Take an intense workout session (online options here)

70. Put your pyjamas in the tumble dryer for a minute before wearing

71. Make your favourite meal (mine is usually Thai food)

72. Call someone you love

73. Try a new food (I’m hoping to eat more plant-based proteins)

74. Start the day with positive affirmations (my list of mantras here)

75. Go to a museum or art gallery (I’m a fan of Tate)

76. Spend 10 minutes a day in the sunshine (even if it’s cold outside)

77. Go for coffee with somebody new (reach out to those new internet buddies you’ve been meaning to connect with)

78. Slow down

79. Treat yourself to your favourite perfume (I’m hoping to try this new one)

80. Learn a new language (try an online course)

Mountain view Austria

81. Go to the seaside (British coast inspiration)

82. Try gardening (advice here)

83. Pray (or whatever your version of that might be)

84. Say no when overwhelmed (how to say no)

85. Say yes when stagnant (watch this video)

86. Get up at sunrise

87. Go on a photowalk

88. Create a mixtape, like the old days

89. Play a competitive sport (ideas here)

90. Throw out and donate old clothes (find your local Women’s refuge here)

91. Volunteer for a cause that means something to you (volunteering database)

92. Treat yourself to the most expensive bottle of wine you can afford (I like this shop or try this nifty subscription service)

93. Go on a retreat (inspiration here)

94. Talk to someone about your fears (or watch this talk about fear and imagination)

95. Do a mindless chore or errand (I love a bit of vacuuming)

96. Create a scrapbook of your latest adventure (this one is lovely)

97. Go to the ballet, theatre or comedy (I go to the Nutcracker every year)

98. Cook up a big Sunday Roast dinner (recipe ideas here)

99. Sing (it can literally massage your insides)

100. Celebrate a small achievement (I usually reward myself with a treat, or simply take a moment to be mindful of the achievement)




Share your ideas in the comments below.


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  1. I love this list!! Its so important to self care and take time out to focus on yourself! Its amazing how a few little things can aid in helping with it!

    1. Hi, over the past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling the “need” to seriously sort my life out! It’s not a bad life, it’s not particularly anything! And I began to realise it could be better…. last week I made a list of “things” to do (it wasn’t very specific but thought “it’s a start!!”…. the list has since been buried underneath mail, newspapers & takeaway menus!!!

      Then whilst idilly scrolling through FB (I’m sure cutting down on this past time was on forementioned list!) I came across this blog post & after delving deeper into your blog a lightbulb just went “pop”…. This is exactly what I need right now! These are the inspirational words I need to read! You are the person I can listen to to start my journey… so thank you so much for your words & I look forward to reading more from you ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love this list! I’m trying to take better care of myself and be a little kinder, so looking forward to indulging in some of these ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. It’s a great list full of ideas, thanks. Some of these I would never do, and some I’d add to my own list. My biggest tip would be to everyone to write their own happy-list, things that makes them feel better since we’re all not the same.

    Be well,

  4. This is such a good list and a great post. I have printed it and will stick it on my office wall so I can see it every day. Oohh I might even laminate it ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  5. Hi Elizabeth, Just came across your page via the hibs100 list and wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading through it. I really enjoyed this post as wellbeing is something I believe to be so important, and often overlooked. I love exploring and writing about new ways to improve wellbeing and loved how many of your suggestions made sense to me. Thank you and take care!

      1. Yeah! I just looked at the link. Itโ€™s about doing the most important or worst job first. The one you would procrastinate on for the whole day/week/month etc then you have that sense of achievement and can get on with other things.

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